The night was quiet, month is round, the wind is very light, this is a cool summer nightreenex 價錢 .

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city back to the quiet small village surrounded by mountains, climbed the building roof, the grape under Oto Ri sat down, the bubble a pot of jasmine tea on a small table, pour half cup slowly taste, faint fragrance into the nasal entrance.

At this point, if the good mood, this is a nice how ah! But the mood if not good, this is a kind of lonely!

I don't know what is the mood, I don't know what mood is good or bad, said this will make people think or stupid, or is poppycock, ha ha! Perhaps it is silly, perhaps it is poppycock.

Always thought he was a pure enough bigot, now found himself with the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes where all men are very complex and very fickle, this no doubt, was willing to admit.

I didn't love tea, also doesn't like product Coffee, just like the spring water and drink home town of white boiling water, such a person is not strictly speaking a subconscious mood not good taste, although often arty show off literary skill boring, and people and sing sing sing romantic themes of words and phrases, but the essence is a rough real peoplereenex 效果.

The older generation is often said to me "three years of sixty, some personality from raising is formed when it is difficult to get rid of." Although the word is such that, in fact, some habits and preferences that can change, for example like gulp drink boiling water of I, now suddenly feel light sip it slowly tea than gulp drink the white boiling water taste.

Looking at the bright moon, blowing cool breeze, not by the thought of the famous "the moonlight night drink Su Shi and he left Prelude To Water Melody" reneex :

How long will the full moon appear? Wine cup in hand, I ask the sky .

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