You may be feeling some very negative emotions towards your ex, such as anger, resentment, and frustration, but harboring these feelings is only hurting one person—you.

In order to save yourself, you need to forgive your ex otter iphone 4 cases.

Now, I don’t mean you have to call them up and tell them they are forgiven (although you can if you want to), you just need to forgive them in your heart Men clothing hong kong.

I have found that praying for that person helps with being able to forgive them and move on.

Pray for their happiness and continued health and mean it when you say it. You should feel your anger and resentment getting less and less if you continue this practice.

Doing this has the added benefit of showing yourself what a good person you really are.

Hey, you even pray for those that hurt you, so you must be a loving, generous person who deserves love bedroom furniture.

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